Chino Valley AZ Electrical Division

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In our electrical division at A-Team Electrical Services, Inc., serving Chino Valley, Prescott, AZ and surrounding areas, we have on staff, four qualified Journeyman Wireman and two to four Apprentice Wireman with over 60 years of joint experience amongst them, to confidently service any light industrial, commercial, or residential project. One Engineering Technician and two Senior Service Technicians provide field support for projects and related service work, including sub-station maintenance. With continued education and awareness to safety we can say that we have not had a reportable injury or accident to date.


At A-Team Electrical Services, Inc., we are licensed, bonded and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, serving AZ and CA.

AZ Commercial: (L-11) ROC110180 | AZ High Voltage: (A-17) ROC125431 | AZ Residential: (C-11) ROC110179 | CA Engineering: (A) 975180

*General Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance Certificates available upon request.


  • (2) Fusion Splicer [Furukawa]

  • Stapler Fiber Optic Clever

  • (3) Diamond Wheel Fiber Optic Clever
  • (2) Laser Light Source Tester

  • OTDR (Optic Time Domain Relfectometer) Fiber Tester [Noyes]

  • Portable Fusion Enclosure
  • Unicam Kit [Corning]
  • Epoxy Termination Kit
  • 75′ Bucket Truck 4×4
  • Fiber Optic Hydraulic Tension Puller [Cordux]
  • Optical Test Kit
  • OFS 400 Optical Microscope
  • Fiber Acceptance Test Kit
  • Calibration Dynamometer
  • Fiber Acceptance Test Kit

  • Fiber Optic Grips

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